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The Stahl’s Pottery historical site is a significant example of a rural arts and crafts revival pottery. The round, bee-hive, wood-fired kiln (originally built in 1933,) survives to the present day.

Brothers, Thomas and Isaac Stahl revived Stahl’s Pottery in the mid-1930s. They used the potting skills they had learned from their father, Charles Stahl, in the late nineteenth century. Charles Stahl’s pottery site was located along the Indian Creek in the village of Powder Valley, Pennsylvania.


The Stahl brothers produced both utilitarian and decorative redware pottery from the years, 1934 until 1956.

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Stahl’s Pottery History

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Read the Book, “Stahl's Pottery of Powder Valley” by authors,  Anne & Barbara Goda.

Sgraffito Plate by Thomas Stahl

Design by Carrie (Stahl) Schultz

Line Art by local artist, Julie Longacre,

Isaac & Thomas Stahl standing in front of wood-fired kiln

“Redware” pottery was named for the distinctive color produced from local sources of clay.


Artist Carrie (Stahl) Schultz, Thomas’ daughter, decorated many of the sgraffito plates made by Thomas and Isaac. Russell Stahl, apprenticed as a potter under his father, Isaac. After 1950, Russell ran the pottery and fired the kiln for the last time in 1956.

Bean Pot, Creamer, and Flower Pot by Thomas Stahl

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