Charles Stahl was born in 1828 and served an apprenticeship with John Krauss, a potter

located in Lower Milford Township in Lehigh County. Census records indicate that

sometime after 1850, Charles Stahl began his pottery in Powder Valley. Charles Stahl

was a traditional redware potter producing utilitarian pieces such as apple butter crocks,

milk and cream pots, baking pans, pie plates, and bowls. A traditional potter served a

small community or several communities and generally performed all of the necessary

potting tasks by hand or with the use of water or horse power. Pieces were fashioned

several ways within a traditional shop, either turned on a potterís wheel or drape

molded. Charles trained three of his sons, James, Thomas, and Isaac, in the art of

potting. In 1896, Charles died and since James and Thomas had left the business prior to

their father's death, it was offered to Isaac to assume control of the business. Initially he

rehired his brother Thomas, and later they formed a partnership, maintaining their

father's business until 1902-03. Competition from improved technology and mechanized

ceramic production forced the closing of the pottery.

Charles Stahl